This Is Reality TV…Part 1 of 2

Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Or in the Movies? Or in your very own reality show?

Well guess what, I’m in Season Two of the Highly Successful, highly rated HGTV show, House Hunters Renovation!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be on TV. I love what I do, and to be able to reach an audience, which would not normally be exposed to my kind of work, is exhilarating!!

Let me tell you a little bit about how this actually works. I want to be clear, that I did not set out to be a TV personality. That said, I really like the process.

The introduction to the process begins with a casting call, in which you are put on tape by the Design Producers.

Then it’s a wait and see game, and by that I mean, the Design Producers show the tape to the executives at the Production Company. You then get introduced to the Network executives. They have the final decision on whether or not you get on TV. Luckily for me, I made it passed all the ‘stop signs’.

Once you have been cast, on the show, the next step was for the Producing Team to find me ‘clients’ to work with on the show, and become the other part of the ‘story’. The ‘story’ is a very important portion of the show. This is something I am not used to at all, actually trying to renovate and design a home around the production schedule of a TV show, can be very challenging, yet so rewarding.

With that said, after almost 6 months of castings, production meetings, and the like, we make it to our first day of filming, YAHOO!!

We begin filming towards the end of one of the hottest months in LA, in the San Fernando Valley.

The premise of the show is to find a couple that have recently purchased a home, and are in need of a renovation. The best part is that the NETWORK pays for the renovation. Not a dime comes out of the pockets of the homeowner, unless they go over the budget allotted to them by the network. This is doable folks, it can be done within the budget given!!

6am- 75 Degrees

This day it was close to 95 by noon, and only getting hotter as the day progressed. We begin filming the intro piece to the episode and this is where I meet the clients and review what their inspirations are for the vision of the renovation, what their expectations are, and how they see it all come together…. at this time its also my responsibility to manage expectations, coordinate with the contractor of record, and keep the peace during this production.

We moved forward filming through the sunny and blistering heat of the day, with incredible shots created by the talent and the amazing vision of the Director of Photography (aka Camera Man). The purpose of this day’s shoot was to begin to tell the story of the conceptual design and the foundation by which we were going to bring it to LIFE!!

As the shooting continued, I was able to work my design magic and seemed to impress the clients and the producing team, directors, and all the crew…the clients were thrilled with the conceptual design, the fabrics, colors, and materials to be used in their new home..

We finally finished this day of filing after about 10 hours on set, it was by far one of the most challenging days in my design professional life, and by far one of the MOST REWARDING!!

To be continued, as the show continues to tape, I will be blogging about it right here in