Who Doesn’t Like to Dine Under the Stars at Twilight?

Who doesn’t like to dine under the stars at twilight? One of my favorite things to do in this world is to entertain my friends and family as often as possible. With that in mind, I decided to host an impromptu dinner party, al fresco, for 16 of my nearest and dearest.

Being that I live in a multi-unit residential building in Beverly Hills, CA, I am limited as to what can be done outside, and therefore, I have to comply with the rules and regulations of communal living.

That said, I took a space of about forty (40) square feet, within which I was able to work. (REMEMBER: you can always wear Summer White after Easter). Once I was able to get approval from the other renters in the building, I set out to create a summer white fairy tale.

My first stop was Home Depot; I had decided that in creating this Summer White Fairy Tale, I wanted to use Multi-colored pea gravel as ground cover, to eliminate the dirt in the back alley.

At that point I was able to remove all of the potted succulents, hydrangeas, cacti, and other desert scape plants that would be replaced with two large round White Dining Tables from Ikea and to coordinate with the tables, I found these amazing white padded folding chairs from Town and Country Rentals.

I also enlisted the help of Bread and Water, a small “ boutique” catering service owned by two sisters, Faye and Meave. They are amazing, and Meave used to be the Pastry chef at Gjelina in Venice, CA. I can’t say enough good things about the service, food and all around attitude of their company.

The next challenge to conquer was dressing the tables. I love WHITE! Period. I use it in everything I do, Architecture + Design, I’m also a former chef, and I use white ingredients whenever possible. That said, I used white roses, hycin, and for a dash, and I mean dash of color I used orange/red rose petals in single bud vases to float around the tables organically. I used all white table linens, and dishes to compliment my flower collection.

For the guests favor, I chose to give away a beautifully wrapped candle, from my line of candles ‘#David Brian Sanders Private Collection’, which by the way, I also used for seating assignments. Each persons name was tagged to their individually wrapped candle.

So I guess the, real question here is, who likes to dine at twilight? Which I will now answer, we all like to have the opportunity to be outside and take advantage of the beautiful southern California weather at twilight. ENJOY!!