Having previously working with David Brian Sanders to complete a cosmetic update of our 1930’s East Coast inspired traditional home, there was no one else we considered when undertaking a complete renovation of a 1950’s Mid Century Modern home. No detail was overlooked in the transformation process which included the creation of 2 en suite bedrooms, the mixing of exquisite materials including terrazzo tile baths and custom wood flooring, fabulous doors and windows, unique lighting fixtures and the use of shadow details one would only see in the finest establishments. David possess the rare ability to provide multiple options, blend a variety of pieces into his designs and that he was able to seamlessly incorporate some of our existing furnishings into the plan was a plus. The finished project far exceeded our expectations!
Elaine and Rick Krim, Founding partner of Black Squirrel Partners and independent media consultant, former Co-President Sony/ATV Music Publishing
I would like to take this opportunity to recognize today’s honorees: Halle Berry, Patrick Delanty, David Brian Sanders, Lindsey Jackson and Bryson Rouzan Thomas. I commend Jenesse Center Inc, and today’s honorees for their tremendous achievements and contributions
Senator Dianne Feinstein
I wish to extend my personal congratulations to this year’s honorees: Halle Berry, Patrick Delanty, David Brian Sanders, Lindsay Jackson and Bryson Rouzan Thomas. I commend you an thank you for all your great work.
Senator Steven Bradford
I salute the 2011 Silver Rose honorees: Bryson Rouzan Thomas and the inspiration leadership of Halle Berry, Patrick Delanty, David Brain Sanders and Lindsay Jackson. Your great work in the community does not go unrecognized.
Assembly Member Mike Davis
This year’s gala honors in addition to the Center’s friends and supporters Jenesse Board member Halle Berry’s “What a little love can do” project, Patrick Delanty, David Brian Sanders, Lindsey Jackson and Bryson Rouzan Thomas.
Assembly member, Holly J Mitchell
David possesses a true gift for completely transforming spaces. He is particularly adept at incorporating our specific preferences and selections with his vision for the space and for seamlessly marrying the two such that the result is a space that feels comfortable and personal yet altogether new and different. He and his team are very accommodating, thoughtful and purposeful in their design, anticipating and incorporating details that make the spaces functional yet spectacular at the same time. He is very skilled at bringing our and his combined visions to life. We appreciate the balance that he and his team provide between stepping outside our comfort zone yet still maintaining our personal style aesthetic.